We accept submissions from the first to the twenty-first of every month from January to November from People of Colour and Indigenous/Native/Aboriginal peoples. Please email your submissions to rurureads @ outlook . com (no spaces).



  • Attach your submission to the email.
  • Address your email to Alec/Alexander.
  • Name your email with the title of your submission, your name, and submission type e.g. Starswept by Mary Fan (Fiction).
  • Send us a 50-100 word bio and an image of yourself (e.g. a selfie) with your submission. Please include your social media links in your bio. Examples are here, here, and here.

Fiction and nonfiction:

  • 1000 words max.


  • Please see poems we’ve published to get a feel for what we’re after.


  • At this time we can’t offer monetary compensation for contributions. However we do welcome contributors to send us a link to their Ko-fi (or something similar) to add to their published piece and their bio.
  • Please feel free to let us know what your pronouns are.
  • If you’re Indigenous/Native/Aboriginal you can add your tribe/iwi/culture group to your bio.
  • We accept multiple submissions.
  • Submissions must not have been previously published elsewhere (including your personal blog).