The Her/Him Paradigms of the Heart

By Riah Dawson

About Her #1 – I forgive myself in the mirror every morning

Because of you

A verbal rune to heal

The hurt you cut so deep

Baby girl is contradictory in her healing

Chasing the digital ghost of you

What does healing look like in the age of the internet?

Nothing but cold false (digital) comfort

Hypocrite of the highest order I am alone with the ghost of you


To Him #1

I loved before

Love under a bad sign

Love from trauma tied to me to her

“Love” from her brought me to you

So here we are

Three years on

 I start to love you

Just like I should have been all along


About Her #2 I barely recognize myself

In the mirror

The girl from 3 years ago Faded, frayed, lost

Desperate for you

 She’s still there

Only in the background now

Who I am today? Who am I today?

Another woman Another stranger to you


To Him #2

Under the stars New Year’s Eve and Day Merge on

You are Shiny, new fantastic you

 Who are you?

Where did you come from?

Where have you been my entire life?

 How was I existing in the world without you?

Who are you and what will you mean to me?


About Her #2 Here’s the secret: You don’t matter

Feelings are fake news – and – It doesn’t matter

All of this is just – just –

Self sabotage dressing itself up as



To​ Him #3 No one said

Sewing myself back together was going to be easy


With you

 It is


About Her #3:


In some type of

Small way

I chip at

The pieces that loved you

And give them to





About Him #4

Watch me grow

In myself

 In my love

Hand to my chest

Hand on my heart

Can you feel the flowers bloom

There Just for you?

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