You Are Halfway To Becoming A Princess

By Catarina Leitão

in twilight follow in the footsteps of your favourite master

Helberto Helder taught

to profess your love to a paramour in the language of your choice

they will not understand

your love is Lisbon

your love is far



go for years

dance your way through it

the dark and stars

it’s a long way to go

ripple in lasciviousness

become a two a.m. flamenco dancer



in twilight when you are done

let him lay still

tap the gold out of your hair

black shawl black heels through his room

like Mariza, the darkest pop star because she is the star of Fado

donned in vintage Versace velour


in twilight, dance

laughing your head off

at the emotional unavailability

of his organs

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