Stop the Memories, I Want To Get Off

By Shirley Jones-Luke

My brain is crowded.

I yearn for a quiet & peaceful mind.

Sleep is elusive since I’m always awake.

I guess my mind is trying to protect my past,

forcing me to relive old events.

Sometimes, I welcome a stroll down memory lane

to a childhood filled with books, cartoons and games.


Sometimes, the past triggers me in the present –

nightmares of shady landlords, creepy handymen,

& aching bellies.

So much childhood of trauma – battling mice & roaches,

arguing with ignorant neighbours & covering our ears

from the bellows of an abusive father, all rooted in my head,

lifelong residents that won’t allow me

to move on with my life


I’m a prisoner of my thoughts, seeking parole

no longer in charge of my mind, enslaved

to nostalgia, regardless if its good or bad,

I want to burn the images out of my brain,

desiring permanent amnesia. let me create

new memories, I don’t want to constantly exist

in the history of remembrances while my future

waits for me to forge it

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