Decolonisation Viewed By The Coloniser Or The Still Colonised Subject

By Kathleen McLeod

What a deliberate path of decolonisation can look like to those who can’t or don’t understand what or why yet:

  1. A spiritual conversion [even if our spirituality always did and still exists within us privately and quietly].
  2. Cultural traditionalism, or a rejection of modernity [cultural revival isn’t a rejection of modernity but a way to find balance in a fast paced, sick world].
  3. Political militancy [justified anger and grief, advocating for change].
  4. The appearance of behaving or speaking a different “cultural language” to others [a new confidence in cultural articulation that was always a part of your behaviours regardless].
  5. A rejection of material, western values [actually a rejection of eurocentricity and White Supremacy].
  6. Deliberate re-traumatisation [again, a processing of ancestral and cultural grief].
  7. Faith healing [personal and spiritual growth, healing and transformation].
  8. Delusion, fantasy, or mental illness [a colonial projection of normative values on the colonised subject].
  9. A “search” instead of a homecoming to your birth right.

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