Why I don’t ask Creative NZ for money

By Zechariah Soakai

just the same severed tongue

same diasporic body

onus on the “I can’t speak anything

but English”


to trust the stranger with the money

to move from emerging to established

from financial risk to big money-





Are you Pacific?

Yes (but no — I mean I am, but I don’t

know if I am




Distrust with the institution?



Wants to be heard?

Maybe (if I knew what I wanted to say)


Wants to see change?

Yes (But I don’t want to stop

at change

I want revolution.)


Are you an artist?

I think so, but sometimes, I

have to remember

that I am.


What do you do?

Just fill in funding forms and never submit them.


What can we do to support you?

Hahaha if you wanted to know maybe you should have given

me a bigger box to write in or meet

me where

I am – maybe?

Aw yeah…

And money for rent would be good.

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