By Isis Molina

These constant, recurring debates never really get anywhere, and the people arguing for this cause, for this change in perspective, never really change anyone’s mind, because that’s not really how it works, not really, but they try because trying is better than doing nothing, and there are many good points raised in their argument. But no one in the opposition ever agrees with these viewpoints, although some people do fall in the middle, so that’s something, but these discussions about what we should be reading, and what we should be writing, and who we should be representing in our literature are endless and powerful and encouraging, even though hardheaded, closed-minded individuals refuse to listen. But some people do listen and they do want to do better, they want to improve on this very real issue that so closely affects me, because as a minority I desire to see myself in stories set in every genre and to see heroes that aren’t just white males, and to be heard is important. But not everyone will take their time to listen, so I guess it isn’t really about getting everyone to listen to these discussions, but to get at least someone, one person, to become aware of the present issue, and to stand up for themselves or for others, because that is what really brings a community of people together. Because representation matters, because there is not just one type of human in the world, and this beautiful collage of our combined cultures deserves to be acknowledged, and these people, like myself, deserve to have their own stories be written and read everywhere, so that other people can learn and expand their minds, so that we can become united, through something as wonderful as books.

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