My European Getaway

By Hana Pera Aoake

Pipes were made of lead.

The Latin word for plumbing is lead “plumbum”.

The water tastes bad here

Too much fluoride

The decline of the Roman Empire is said to have been caused in part by lead poisoning

The plaque near the Roman wall in London said the Romans conquered.

They always use terms like


or discovered,

they never say colonised.

We bring you culture and knowledge and erasure through death, theft, destruction, disease, assimilation & diaspora

When tulip bulbs are taken from the northern hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere they take five years to germinate and to acclimatise to the soil.

Five year long jet lag.

Land of imperial power

My tupuna Pōtatau Te Wherowhero tried to negotiate with the British

After he died they desecrated all the promises they made us.

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