By Ishki R

I’m drunk on your sweet words dripping from your lips

your scent, noxious and suffocatingly intoxicating, draws me nearer


closer to a divine little death

a respite promised after a long night filled with

sweet, soft sighs


The fallen overripe peach is your promise

succulent and sickly sweet

sticky but unbothered and

mine to indulge


You ease me into soft comfort

and demand all of me, all of me, all of me and

more, more, more

Until I can’t

Until I collapse

Until I am gasping for air and breathing prayers of your name in whispers

and clasping around your body for hope and maybe hoping for that little death again




Your sweet, soft whispers of my name beg me, egg me on

And I can’t but oblige and you cradle me

Love me

Care for me


And after a full night with divine nectars staining our sheets,

You finally have me all;



And loving


You settle me to sleep and curl around me, protective

Hushed promises of a lush morning feast caressing my thoughts as you sing me to sleep

Your kisses sweet with wine

And with my last breath, a name


my takkon

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