I Love You More

By Ishki R

I love you more than bears love scratching their backs on trees
Than birds love riding the breeze
Than leaves love falling from trees
I love you more than fish love swimming upstream
And rabbits love hopping
And squirrels love saving
And butterflies love soaring way up high

I love you more than the Earth loves spinning
And the sun and moon love chasing each other across the sky

I love you more than the stars love shining
Smiling down on you every single night
Even behind and beyond the clouds

I love you more than the universe loves aligning itself to bring you even the tiniest smile

You are stardust and nebulae bursting with life
You are the planets shifting and turning to make things just right to bring happiness and love and everything good

You are the cosmic centre of my heart
Bursting to life with colour and sound
My music and art
And I never saw anything so beautiful
Until I saw you

I am honoured
By you
The centre of life and creation for me
And I would never have the honour of being me without you

You are sacred to me
Chi hollo li

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