And All the Breath Left Me

By Vanessa Aboagye

Asleep in the city is the guard of night

her echo                                 licking at the water

green              blue                yellow

tongue vein deep into rotted flesh

a feast worthy of queens                ready to drink your foolish blood

but song died in your lips

and almost to spite me the

r a i n b o w

appeared – too late

rain had already kissed the streets wet

light licking its glint white

                                                    and I think I saw a horse take cover under the shade of a sycamore tree.


And all the breath left me when

                                                  the water went still

sun stopped blinking the

trees cried out the

squirrels scurried and upon sight

of the serpent’s traitorous tongue

                                                               the colours fell

into the pond

its ink splattering my white wings

And no sooner had the mare stood

                                                               blue sorrow saddled to its back

that she grabbed the colours, took to the sky and


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