Cosmos Love

By Ishki R







I lose my thoughts with you

It is easy to see

How the world revolves around you
Your brilliance and lustre blinding
Your magnitude and gravity inescapable
Your smile utterly bewitching
Your warm security enchanting

I must be hypnotised and under a spell
I must be
It is impossible to look away
Just as the flowers you smile on look to you

How could anyone ever pull away from your orbit?

Why would anyone ever want to?








Mysterious & serene, you glow from within
What are you thinking?
You are so much more than you appear
You shine pale and blue
But… Warm

You are balance and beauty and art and the tumultuous waves of the tide of muse crashing on the rocks of writer’s block and I still feel

Like I’m in a dream


You are ethereal

And pristine

And how do I find the words in the right languages to share in the right way how I feel and how you feel and how my world has imploded and exploded all at once and how do you do this

How do you continue to do this

Will this always be how I feel?
Like I’m in the presence of such a beautiful soul I could cry at any second?

I am sensitive to your sensations and it hurts in the most beautiful way but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the universe because my god I love you



And I would say to the moon and back

But you’re already the moon.








My god you’re so beautiful and I hate that people forget you so easily just because of the city lights shining around you and it’s infuriating
because the night sky is its most beautiful with you there.

You are a soft comfort, a blazing sun in your own right, but a gentle ease from a distance

What use is inky blackness if it’s not dotted with millions of tiny suns?
You can’t see any colour that way.

You can’t find your way home, either.

And what good is that when my compass is you?








You are
So many hidden colours, things
Hidden warmth and brilliance
So much more than what could ever be seen
And pervasive support

Space is thought as empty
But it is so full

You are so full

All of life and creation is made of you
And you, all of life and creation

Of dust and stars
born from destruction and chaos
Formed into the most beautiful

Breathtaking in depth and measure
Expansive and awesome and

You are not the empty darkness that is assumed
That is shown
You are all matter
All of the universe in such beauty
and grace
And fluidity

You are what keeps people up at night with
Existential ponderings
Of suns and earths and moons and love and life and what-ifs and will-I-evers

And dreams
Swirling, elusive dreams

You are a hazy comfortable sleep
filled to the brim with pleasantness
and ease
and the softest sweetest thoughts. . . of love

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